About the Artist


Artist Biography

Bachelors of Fine Arts (Print Making and Book Binding), Western Carolina University, 2004

Sergeant, United States Marine Corps 2004-2014

Masters of Art, Human Resources Management, Webster University, 2012

Boy, if I'd had known that one day I would be a professional potter, I would have taken more than Introduction to Pottery in college! Pottery as a medium is relatively new to me. While stationed in Germany (2008) there were many recreational centers on base. One of them had pottery wheels and a kiln, and I have been hooked ever since. I am predominantly self taught - I read manuals, pottery books, and research almost constantly. Pottery is my love and my passion. 

Each piece in my shop is 100% handcrafted and designed by me. My work is not intended to incite deep thought or emotion, but rather to provoke a smile and a laugh. I enjoy creating whimsical, fun, and brightly colored pieces with those tiny quirky details that bring each piece to life and give it my sense of humor. I take great pride in the craftsmanship and quality of each piece I make. Know that when you buy one of my pieces, a little bit of my soul is left behind. 

All materials used are made in the USA. 



I use many different techniques to achieve my final product. Most of my pieces originally start on the wheel (thrown) and are hand built onto. I extrude, slab, and pinch pot build as well. 

My hand built pieces take roughly 3-6 hours from start to finish. Each piece is constructed, allowed to dry, and slowly bisque fired. After the first firing I hand glaze each piece with three coats of glaze/underglaze, and I have recently started to use an air brush to achieve new colors and textures. Then the pieces go back into the kiln for a second bisque firing.  

Once the pieces come out of the kiln they are waxed, black washed, dried, then I wash and scrub each piece until the desired color-to-black ratio is achieved. The pieces are dried over night and then clear glazed and put back into the kiln for the final firing.  


Why Bee's Knees?

My mom, Barbara, passed away in 2010 and she was the driving force behind my art. She let me participate in after school art lessons, summer art programs, and the Governor's School for the Arts. She constantly pushed me and was very talented in her own right.  My nickname as a child was Bee and my mom was an old hippy, so the saying "Bee's Knees" is a nod and tribute to her.